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harness will help ensure the best performance from your dog.  Follow the instructions fur.  
All measurements should be in inches.
Also note, that young dogs under the age of 1 year may require more than one harness
due to their growing bodies.  Large breed dogs may even need more because their bodies
are not fully mature until the age of 2 or 3 years.

All harness orders will need the following measurements:

Neck:  This measurement will be taken at the broadest point on the base of the neck.  
Place the beginning of the tape measure on the center of the shoulder blades (A),
bringing it down to the top of the breast bone (B), and back up the other side of the neck
to the shoulder blades again (A).  This is a very important measurement for the harness
because this is where the harness will lay on the dog.  Do not use your dog's collar

Length:  Place the tape measure between the shoulder blades (A) and run it down the
dog's spine to the base of the tail  (where the tail begins)(C).  Make sure that the dog is
standing and straight when taking the measurement.  If your dog is laying down or sitting,
the measurement will be off.

Height:  Place the tape measure even with the shoulder blades (whithers) (A) and run it
straight down to the dog's feet (touching the ground) (D).  Make sure your dog is standing
when you take the measurement.

For the carting harnesses, I will also need:

Girth:   Place tape measure in the center of shoulder blades (A), run it straight down the
side, directly behind the front leg, under the belly (E) and back up the other side to the
center of the shoulder blade (A).  You are measuring the widest belly measurement on
your dog and where the girth strap will be placed.

Contact me with any questions:

                         Guaranteed Fit

Measure your dog the best that you can.  If you are unsure of the measurements, don't
be afraid to say so.  If your measurements seem off, I will let you know.
And whether the harness is made based on your measurements or mine, I guarantee the
fit of your harness.  If it doesn't fit, let me know.  You can return the harness for a refund
of the purchase price (minus shipping) or I will redo the harness at no additional charge.
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