I also have leashes!
I offer  a variety of leashes in different lengths, colors, and of course matching accents.  Don't see what you
are looking for?  Don't hesitate to contact me, as I may have it, be able to get it, or custom make it.  
The Working Canine              Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices
Traffic Leashes

These are made of 1 1/2" wide webbing.  They
measure about 22" long from handle to the tip
of the 5/8" snap.  Perfect for keeping your dog
close to you in public places or at a competition
when a regular leash is just too long.

These are made to last!

with an accent

2 in 1 Leash

The 2 in 1 leash combines the traffic lead with a 4ft or 6ft leash.
Short handle for control in areas when needed, and a longer leash
for more freedom.  
Made of 1.5" wide single ply webbing and a 5/8" swivel snap,
this leash offers the best of both worlds!
Can be done in one solid color or an with an accent fabric

2 in 1 leash 4ft..........$14
2 in 1 leash 6ft.........$16
Long Training Leads
Perfect for training, tracking, or walks where you wanna give
your dog some extra leg room.  Single ply, 1" nylon with  5/8"
swivel snap.  
15 ft.........$12

Add fleece to the handle to make it a little more comfortable
for you.

A new feature that can be added:  an additional handle
close to the snap (like a traffic lead).....$2
Martingale Leashes


A leash with a martingale collar at the end instead of a snap.  Perfect for a slip on collar, slip lead, or training
aid.  The dog pulls against the leash, and the collar tightens up.  Dog relaxes, and the collar relaxes.  These
are used in sports like barn hunt, fast cat, lore coarse, and agility.
Light weight, but very durable.
The length of the leash itself is 3 1/2ft (not including the collar portion)
Customize your martingale leash as you want it.
Choose between:  1" or 1 1/2" wide webbing.
Line the handle with fleece or not.
Line the collar with fleece or not.
Accent fabric or not
One solid color or multiple colors.

Standard neck sizes available:
medium: 14"-19"
large: 19"-28"

Other neck sizes can be made.
Regular Leashes

These are also made out of double ply
1.5" wide webbing, and have a 5/8"
swivel snap.

They can be done in a solid color or 2
different colors.
Plain or with an accent fabric.
With or without a fleece handle.

4ft leash......$12
6ft leash........$14

I can make other lengths upon request.
Plain black martingale leash
Martingale leash with hot lips
fabric accent and padded
collar and handle.
2 in 1 leash 4ft in Blue Swirl
Multi purpose leash

This leash is a multi purpose leash.  
It features a 5/8" bolt snap at each end of the leash, with a welded o-ring sewn sewn 12" from one end.
You can use it for many different purposes from a regular leash, to a shorter leash.
Made 1.5" wide webbing.
This can be done in a solid color or with an accent fabric.
Standard sizes offered are 4ft or 6ft
(measured from tip of snap to tip of snap).
Customized sizes can be made.

4 foot long............$15
6 foot long..........$17
6ft long multi purpose
leash in Electra flame
Padded Slip Leads