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Carting Harness
Carting harnesses are designed to be used with dog carts.  They are
made of 1 1/2" wide webbing.  There is fleece padding around the neck
and on the breast. There is a girth strap that is adjustable and made of
1" wide webbing.  The bottom straps are adjustable in length, and have
snaps at the end for hooking to the cart.  And there is a 1" d-ring at the
neck for leash use or hooking the bottom straps to when not hooked to
the cart.  
The fleece can be done in any color.
The webbing colors available are:
purple, navy blue, forest green, turquoise, pacific blue, beige, silver/gray,
red, kelly green, white, burgundy, black, and yellow.
Want to have a truely unique carting harness, add an
accent fabric to it.  It is $10 extra.  Check out the accent
samples to see what is available.  Don't see something
you like, just email me with what you are looking for.
Top view of the carting harness and how it slides into the shafts.
The 1" d-ring at the  neck is missing from this picture, but is
standard on all carting harnesses
Carting is not just for big dogs, even small dogs can do it!  This is
Dyna, aka Lil' Pitty, my 26 pound pitbull.  She's a hit at the dog shows!
And check out her one of a kind carting harness!!
To Place An Order
Please email me with the following measurements
(click here for measurement instructions)
I will also need:
Dog's breed
webbing and fleece colors
any additional info: (neoprene, accent fabric, etc)
mailing address

Once I receive the email I will confirm the order with
you.  Accepted forms of payment are: check, money
order, and paypal.

Please contact me at
Banner, a sheltie, owned by Cheryl
Butchko has earned a title in carting
through a local Bernese Mt. Dog club
and has participated in numerous
parades and photo sessions.
Even American Bulldogs can do it!
It takes a little time and patience to train a
dog for dog carting.  I suggest using a type of
practise shaft such as the keeshound on the
right is using before actually hooking the dog
to a cart and going.  
an example of
practice carting shafts
Click here for
carting harness
Harley, our Saint, in harness.