If you seen us at a show, then you know we have some really cool tug toys available.  
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Tug Toys
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These are the newest addition to our tug toys, and one of our "greenest" ideas.  
They are made of old jeans.  Each tug has 2 layers of jean material.  They are
stuffed with leftover fleece fabric from the harnesses or recycled stuffing from
retired pillows.  The single handle is nylon and about 1/2" to 1" wide.  Each tug is
unique, but they average about 8-9" in diameter and can be anywhere between
14"-20" long (not including the handle).

Denim Tug Toys

Because of its durability, these are one of my most popular toys, and still very
eco-friendly.  These are made of recycled fire hose and are also stuffed with
leftover fleece fabric from the harnesses.  A nylon handle is on each side.  Every
tug is unique in appearance but on average they measure 7-8" in diameter and
are about 15" long (not including the handles).

Fire Hose Tug Toys

Just like the smaller ones, only, well....bigger!
These measure about 20" long (not including the handles)
and the diameter averages roughly 11"

Large Fire hose Tug Toys