At the end of a busy day of sewing or working with dogs, I enjoy doing some art.  Of course 99% of my art
subjects are what else, dogs.  Now the pyrography, aka woodburning, is done on refurbished wood.  Each
piece is unique, and there are no two exactly alike.  Shipping costs will vary based on what you order, but I do
try to keep the cost as low as possible.  Feel free to email me with any questions.
Artwork / Pyrography
The Working Canine              Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices
Malamute heart
Made of refurbished wood.  Hanger is
twisted, refurbished  wire.  Measures: 5 3/4"
high, 7" wide, 3/4" thick.
Because this is refurbished wood, there
are some slight blue marks on the wood.
This is the only one available.

Yellow Moon and Stars on 1"  collar
Autism Awareness
Autism Awareness collar and leash set.
1" wide quickrelease in Sunset
Tye dye
Sunset Tye-dye
Orange Bubbles
Quick Release collar in orange bubbles
Burnt Orange
Chain Martingale in Burnt Orange
Mossy Oak Camo

Pink and Green Camo

Martingale with  pink/green camo
Weight pull harness in Caution

I AM DEAF 4ft leash
I need Space
I need space buckle collar
Mossy Oak Collar
1 1/2" wide quick release in Brick
2" Collar in Koi Cloud
Koi Cloud
Collar and Leash set in Fireman

SSwirls on Red

2" wide quick release with swirls on red

2" collar in Tribal Heart

Tribal Heart

Gray Camo

Carting / Weight pull combo harness
in gray camo.

Red spider web

2" wide collar in Red spider.

Green Camo

Pink Bandana

2" wide collar with pink bandana

Adopt Me

Martingale with Adopt Me accent.

American Flag

Weight pull harness in American Flag

Rebel Flag

Quick release collar in Rebel flag

Blue Brown Camo

1" wide limited slip in blue brown camo

I need space

1 1/2" wide collar with I need space

Swiss Cross

Canadian Flag

Weight pull harness in Swiss Cross