The Working Canine
Formally know as Alaskan Dream Dog Equipment

Quality Equipment for the Working Dog at Affordable Prices.
Melissa Kehler
PO Box 37
Port Clinton, PA 19549
Accent Samples
Accent Samples 2
These are some of the events that we plan on attending.  Feel free to
come on out to meet us.  We'll have a stand setup with our equipment
for sale.  We'll gladly to talk to you, answer your questions, size a dog,
or just say "Hi!".  Please click on the link of the event (if available) for
event directions, times, rules, etc.  And keep in mind, we do have 2
young boys, so our planned attendance can change at the last minute
to accommodate for any type of illness or unplanned occurrence.
We will on occasion meet with people at the local park for harness
sizing.  This is limited, so please email me to setup a time.

***I do not mind meeting people, but I do not have a store, nor do I
meet people at my house.  So please, do NOT use your GPS to find
my house and show up on my doorstep unannounced.  I will not find
humor in you, nor will my Presa's.  So please be polite, and email me
so we can setup up a meeting time.
***FYI...We are planning on hosting some up coming
training events at the Port Clinton park.  And come fall, we
are hoping to host some IWPA sanctioned weight pulls
again. Please keep checking back for more information on
***Think you might have an event we would be interested
in attending...feel free to email the info over to us.