This is just a small sample of the fabric that I have.  If  you don't see something you like, please let me know.  
I may be able to find something that makes your harness unique.  Accent striping can be added to the
harnesses, leashes, and collars.  If you need to see a better view of a fabric selection, please email me at
The Working Canine              Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices
1" wide quick release collar in Arizona
Martingale in Rainbow Twirl
Rainbow Twirl
Purple Gold Swirl

Purple Marble Blender
Carting harness in Purple Gold Swirl
Rainbow Dots
Traffic Lead in Rainbow Dots
1 1/2" wide martingale in Geometric

Harness in Purple Marble Blender
Geometric Planet
Purple Bandana


Traffic lead in Universe
Open back harness in Purple Bandana

Martingale leash in Purple moon star
Purple Moon Star

Traffic lead in Galaxy

Pink Ribbon

2" wide collar in Pink Ribbon

LLucky Hearts

2" wide collar with Lucky Hearts

Pink Bandana

2" wide collar with pink bandana

Pink Bubbles

1" wide Martingale in Pink Bubbles

1" wide quick release in
magenta glitter

Magenta Glitter

Salsa Picante

Collar and leash set in Salsa Picante

Pink Princess Swirl

2" wide collar in Pink Princess Swirl

Pink paisley on 1" wide quick release

Pink Paisley

Pink Butterflies

Wide Sled harness in Pink Butterflies
Heart Cluster
Chinese dragon
Chinese Dragon
Purple Rose Blush
Martingale leash in Purple Rose Blush
Martingale Leash in Dharma
Martingale leash in Positive
Martingale leash in lavendar waves
Lavendar Waves