This is just a small sample of the fabric that I have.  If  you don't see something you like, please let me know.  
I may be able to find something that makes your harness unique.  Accent striping can be added to the
harnesses, leashes, and collars.  If you need to see a better view of a fabric selection, please email me at
The Working Canine              Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices

Quick release collar/ Patriotic Stars

1" wide martingale in Confetti


Patriotic Stars

1" wide quick release in Fireworks



Traffic lead in Dragonfly

Blue Swirl
1 1/2" wide collar in blue swirl

What's Your Sign

2" wide collar with What's Your Sign

Blue Snowflakes

Limited Slip Collar in blue snowflake
Traffic Lead with Agua Accent
American Flag
Weight pull harness with American flag accent
Purply Turquois Paisley
1" wide quick release in Purply
Turquois Paisley
Blue Galaxy
1" wide quick release in Blue Galaxy
2" wide martingale in Navy
Martingale and 2 in 1 leash in Purple Blue Bloom
Purple Blue Bloom
White Crane
1 1/2" wide webbing quick release
collar in white crane
Martingale leash in Dandelion
Breast Cancer Blue
Quick Release Collar in Breast Cancer
2" wide collar in Metallic Scrolls
Metallic Scrolls
Teal Emulsion
1.5" wide martingale in Teal Emulsion
French Blue Snake
Carting harness in French Blue
Quick release collar in Pollyanna
Dark Night Sky
Traffic lead in dark night sky
Sledding harness in
Turquoise Bandanna
Turquoise Bandanna
Skylar Medallion
Traffic Lead in Sklyar Medallion
Biscay Bay
Weight Pull Harness in Biscay Bay
Stars on Navy
Martingale leash in Stars on Navy
Weight pull harness in Space-c
American Hearts
Martingale leash in American Hearts
Mermaid Scales
Sledding harness in Mermaid Scales
Worn Denim
Martingale leash in Worn Denim
Egyptian Blue
Martingale Leash in Egyptian Blue
Traffic lead in Murky Water
Murky Water
Martingale leash in Tye-dye